Plastic packaging

Our company Die-Vac Plastics provides turnkey solutions for the medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, marine, retail, auto, aerospace and electronic industries and small business owners that face packaging challenges for their goods. The materials we use are 0,010 to 0,060 and include the following:

  • PVC
  • PET
  • PETG
  • Flocked Styrene


Blister packaging

We offer a variety of solutions that are custom fabricated and that can be made from materials such as clear PVC.


From clamshell packs, to blister packs, to fold over packs, at Die-Vac we can supply all the materials and solutions needed for retail packaging from initial concept to completion.  Our options include:

  • Face Seal Blisters
  • Trapped Fold over Blisters
  • Club Packs


POP displays

Our company specializes in custom fabricating expert designed pop displays that stimulate consumer purchases!



We offer design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing services for industries ranging from medical, to beauty, to pharmaceutical, retail, aerospace, hardware, auto and marine to name a few.


We provide custom-packaging solutions tailored to suit a diverse type of merchandise and products that require practical, durable, attractive and functional trays to showcase items such as toys, cosmetics, electronics and much more.  Within our capabilities we custom build trays to aid industries in material and product in house handling.


Clamshell packaging

We offer clamshell-packaging services that include:

  • Hinged Clamshells
  • 2 Piece Clamshells
  • Standup Trifold


When higher end visual packaging solutions are required, we offer clamshell packaging as an option for your product. PVC, PETG or RPET are common materials for this application.


Protective foam

Our wide array of foam products include:

  • Protective foam
  • Die cut foam parts
  • Box inserts
  • Protective End caps
  • Other custom die cut parts


We also offer a wide range of choices in sizes, dimensions and foam materials including:

  • Polyurethane and Ester Foams
  • Polyurethane
  • Mini Cell
  • Closed Cell
  • Anti-static
  • EPS
  • Specialty foams or general purpose



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